Whole Food Fun in Cape Town

DSC04250Now … in this new life of mine … the one where I’m obsessed with all things nourishing, whole, natural and organic … my favorite thing to do when I get to any new city is to scout out all the whole food sources.  I usually start with trying to find raw milk, since it’s illegal in Hong Kong and I long for it so, as well as locating a trustworthy deli selling grass-fed meat and pastured eggs.  And I always look for farmer’s markets too!  This is the perfect place to find locally grown (and hopefully organic) produce and connect with local people who share the same passion for natural living.

After lots of googling and poking around, I found two places that checked all of the boxes for me and that I would recommend to anyone coming through town:  Gogo’s Deli in Newlands and Farmer Angus McIntosh of Spier Farm in Stellenbosch, who sells some of his products around town and also recently began doing home deliveries.  (Wellness Warehouse wasn’t too bad either.  They carried some great products, including Angus’ eggs.  I would just say, read the labels!)

So what are those boxes they tick, you ask?

  • Angus McIntosh of Spier Farm

    Angus McIntosh of Spier Farm

    All the animals are pastured/free-range/grass-fed.  Somehow this criteria has become special to us this day in age, but really, this is just the natural way.  Cows and lambs are meant to eat grass.  Chickens are meant to eat bugs and grass.

  • The animals are treated humanely.  The chickens keep their beaks.  The cows are slaughtered close to home to lessen levels of stress.
  • Organic: No hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, toxins, etc.
  • Local: Everything is sourced from the Cape Town area.
  • And an added bonus … the people are really cool!

So here are a few of the favorite things we found!

Organic, local veggies @ Gogo's

Organic, local veggies @ Gogo’s

Raw cow's milk from Camphill Dairy @ Gogo's

Raw cow’s milk from Camphill Dairy @ Gogo’s

Grass-fed beef biltong @ Gogo's

Grass-fed beef biltong @ Gogo’s

Raw goat's milk from Foxenburg @ Wellness Warehouse

Raw goat’s milk from Foxenburg @ Wellness Warehouse

Raw chocolate spread @ Wellness Warehouse

Raw chocolate spread @ Wellness Warehouse

Liver pate from The Food Barn @ Gogo's

Liver pate from The Food Barn @ Gogo’s