May 1, 2013 = 1 Year of Total Healing

DSC04127Well I did it.  I made it to May 1, 2013 without any major digestive issues.

Giving thanks,

giving thanks,

giving so much thanks today.

Last March, 2012 as I lay in bed in Tel Aviv on holiday with my husband, in so much pain from the latest bout of intestinal chaos I had come to know all too well, I told myself  … “Make it to May 1, 2013 with no big problems, and you can claim official healing”.

You see, I knew with everything in me I had turned a corner.  I knew I had found divine wisdom in regards to my body, in regards to eating and nutrition, and in regards to holistic health (see what I did below).  Maybe I was currently experiencing big problems, and maybe it didn’t look like I was making progress, but I knew things were different and slowly changing.  So I held onto that in Israel and professed victory.

“This will be the last time.  Be disciplined with what you put into your body.  Keep learning.  Keep researching.  Keep asking God for that precious wisdom.  Love yourself.  Deal with emotional trauma that’s still lingering.  Develop healthy boundaries.  Forgive.  Decree over your whole self victory.  Believe.  Seek.  Do not be afraid.”

So I got really serious and did the things I knew would help me.  Although uncovering the root problem would take some time, and is still unfolding to this day, I knew that I could trust the process and would learn more about my health issues as I walked forward.

Today as I reflect, I believe what created dis-ease for me all those years was an imbalance of good and bad bacteria.  Dysbiosis to be exact.  The bad guys were winning for far too long, and this was throwing so many things into disarray, with problems never resolving and getting increasingly worse.

But now I see the remedies are pretty pain-free, so much easier than surgeries and Indian hospitals.  And I really believe that the same things I’ve implemented for my own healing, can help so many other people experience their personal healing as well.  It’s just about being aware of what harms you and what doesn’t, and giving your body what it needs to thrive and be happy.

If you’re needing healing, try some or all of these steps, and see what happens.  This is a great place to start and things can be added once you’ve accomplished these.  And none of it can harm you!

  • Remove all processed foods.  If you only do one thing, do this.  It will really benefit you greatly.  Of course some things need to be minimally processed in order for us to eat them, like nuts and such, but avoid the chips and crackers and frozen dinners.  STOP WITH THE SODA.  No more fast food.
  • Forgive and restore your soft heart.  A year and a half ago, while in India looking for a cure, I became aware of so much unforgiveness in my heart.  This stuff is so toxic and can really hurt you.  Just let it go!
  • Find out if you have any food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities.  You could have issues with gluten or dairy without even knowing it, or any other food allergy as well.  Try eliminating these foods for at least a couple of weeks and see if there is improvement.
  • Remove refined sugar.  This has been proven to drastically impair the immune system after consumption.  It is also one of the biggest contributors to internal inflammation and feeding the “bad” bacteria in our guts.  It spikes the blood sugar and can harm the production and release of the hormone insulin. 
  • Deal with any anxiety, worry or fear.  More and more people are on drugs for anxiety than ever before.  This says something about our society.  Fear is very destructive on the digestive system and can wreak havoc throughout the body, like the heart and colon.  Our minds and bodies are very connected.  Talk about it, seek counsel, be honest with where you’re at.  There could be nutritional deficiencies (like magnesium) causing the anxiety or unhealthy thought patterns that need to be renewed.  Don’t wait any longer to find the answers!
  • Read every label.  If you really want to start helping yourself, you need to actually know what’s going into your body.  Educate yourself.  What does E621 mean?  How much of what you’re eating contains sugar?  What is yeast extract?  What is aspartame and MSG?  These are important things to research and know.
  • Increase intake of vegetables.  And if possible, make sure they are organic.  Vegetables supply us with important vitamins and minerals and help establish a healthy pH balance.
  • Exercise. I’m a huge fan of low-impact, strengthening, low-cardio exercises, like yoga and hiking.  This will do so much for you mentally and physically.  Feed your soul through exercise!
  • Eat more probiotic-rich foods.  These include fermented veggies, kefir, yogurt, miso, etc.
  • Supplement with a good probiotic pill.  I’m currently taking Udo’s Adult Blend and I’m really happy with it.  This will help to increase your body’s population of good bacteria and keep it stable.  You see, good bacteria are like people on holiday.  They fly in for awhile but then eventually leave.  So this means we need to constantly be supplying our bodies with this good flora.

These are the things that helped me the most and what I would recommend every person to follow.  Please let me know if you have any questions about my journey.  I would be so happy if I could help!