Websites on Nutrition

Weston A. Price Foundation – A nutrition education foundation; a one-stop shop for all of your nutrition/health + wellness questions.

Healing Naturally By Bee – If you are feeling sick, run-down or fatigued, have degenerative or autoimmune diseases, allergies, are over or under weight, or you have multiple illnesses, this site will help you regain your health naturally, the way Nature intended!

Nutritional Therapy Association – Become a nutritional therapy practitioner at NTA! Their training offers a clear alternative to the grain-based, low fat nightmare that is the official diet of modern America.  NTA is founded on the beliefs of such nutritional pioneering greats as Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis A. Pottinger, both considered two of the greatest scientific minds ever to research nutrition, food supplies and their effects on modern society.

Water Kefir Information – Find out all there is to know about water kefir: making it, maintaining it, etc.  A great source of information!

Raw Milk Facts – Want to know the truth about the benefits of raw milk? Here’s your website!

Gut Sense – Common sense for the aching gut. Learn gut sense to enjoy good eats, great health and long life!

Coconut Research Center – Your source for accurate information on the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and coconut oil.

iHerb – iHerb is an online store, providing a vast selection of brand name natural products, anything from cod liver oil to essential oils to soaps and lotions.  I have been extremely happy with their product quality and prices as well as their customer service and delivery.  You will not be disappointed!

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  1. I have a two children who are allergic to tree nuts and wheat -Gliten how do I feed them with out the corn, rice Tapioca flour? I am worried about my youngest he is addicted to Gfree foods. Loves all the breads and cereals. He plays soccer on a serious team and is getting hungry all the time but wont eat veggies. he has a Texture problem ;-( Only wants peas carrots Apples raisons eggs. He will eat meat but not a foodie. Help… Im lost.

    • I really have compassion for people who have growing kids and are truly trying/wanting to feed them a nutritious diet. I’m very curious how I will manage things when I have my own. In regards to the flour, I use almond and coconut flours as alternatives. Maybe that could work for you? And as for feeding the constant hunger … will he eat nuts and/or cheese? Those seem to be nutritious, filling and liked by kids all at the same time. A good snack option maybe? Right now I’m hooked on sliced apples with almond butter … and sometimes I even throw in some cheese … this combo always quiets my hunger pangs.

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