I’m sorry to keep talking about coconut oil, but …


… I found another use for it.

Mosquito repellent!



I’m still in the process of testing it out, but from the few times I have, and from all the reviews I’ve read online, I’m placing my bets on it pretty confidently.  And it gives you such soft skin.  What lady doesn’t want that?

Just a few nights ago, J and I were sprawled out on the rooftop, under the big moon, and got through our chill session without incident.  Tonight I’ll be up there again with some ladies, coconut oil and all, and promise to fess up if I get bitten.

To be continued …


Products I Love: www.iherb.com

Thank you God for www.iherb.com.  As you can imagine, living in a foreign country makes finding certain products rather difficult at times, both supplements and cosmetics alike.  But iherb makes it easier!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Companies that are doing good things for this world = Happy Heart for Lisa.

I just put in my latest order, full of high quality, amazingly priced products:

  • Coconut oil, all 54 ounces of it!
  • Cod liver oil
  • Cocoa butter sticks for total body moisturizing
  • Mineral salt deodorant
  • Fluoride free toothpaste
  • And the list goes on!

And not only do they offer a great service with great products, they’re going above and beyond and producing sustainable packaging materials, while working with charitable groups within their local community.  They’re contributing such positivity into the world!

My Love Affair With Honey (and you too, New Zealand)

Oh my sweet,


unpasteurized honey,

let me count the ways I love you so …

  • you smell DiViNe
  • you make tea drinking SO much more fun
  • you love my insides with all your goodness
  • you caramelize so perfectly on my fried bananas
  • you look pretty
  • I can actually find you, in your raw and untouched state, here in Hong Kong

And New Zealand, I love you too.  With all the glorious food you export here, my time in the big HK is even more fabulous.  Muchas Gracias.  I owe you big time.