Products I Love: “Coconut Secret” Product Line

Well here we go again with coconut, but I’m serious, this product line is just too cool not to talk about it.  Basically, Coconut Secret has created several low glycemic (does not spike insulin), gluten-free products such as:

* Please click on each product above for a very detailed and in-depth look at why they’re oh-so-cool.

For me, these products are a dream come true.

The story:  After their parents both became diabetic, two siblings came together in search of a healthy, tasty alternative to sugar.  After using agave nectar for awhile and later becoming very disenchanted with it, their searching lead them to coconut sap.  Did you ever know such thing existed???  Not me!

So let’s first understand how this miracle sap is obtained in the first place:

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My Love Affair With Honey (and you too, New Zealand)

Oh my sweet,


unpasteurized honey,

let me count the ways I love you so …

  • you smell DiViNe
  • you make tea drinking SO much more fun
  • you love my insides with all your goodness
  • you caramelize so perfectly on my fried bananas
  • you look pretty
  • I can actually find you, in your raw and untouched state, here in Hong Kong

And New Zealand, I love you too.  With all the glorious food you export here, my time in the big HK is even more fabulous.  Muchas Gracias.  I owe you big time.