LOCAL + SEASONAL + ORGANIC: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

  1. 271152_10151449832953277_1619459724_nSeasonal foods are in harmony with nature and help us to adapt to the changes in climate.  Right now where I live, sweet potatoes are in abundance and are deeply nourishing and warming to the body as the cold, damp weather arrives.  In contrast, during the summer season, the wet, juicy foods will appear, like grapes and berries, which help to keep the body cool.  Why mess with nature’s perfect plan?
  2. Local food is CHEAPER!  Who doesn’t like to save the big Benjamins?  (That’s a $100 US bill for all you foreigners.)  I can go to  my local, organic farmers market and walk away with 2 grocery bags full of produce for a fraction of the cost I’d pay buying imported organic food from the local grocery chain.
  3. Local food is fresher and picked at it’s ripest state.  The fresher the food, the better.  Beneficial substances called phytonutrients develop in foods as they ripen.  But often times, when produce is being shipped long distances, it has to be picked before it’s achieved this optimal ripeness, creating nutrient deficiencies in these foods.
  4. Organic food is SAFE to eat.  Pesticides used on conventional produce is designed to be toxic in order to kill insects, fungus, weeds, molds and anything else deemed a “pest”.  So what makes you think it’s okay for you to eat it?  Did you know that millions of birds are killed every year because of these toxic substances?  And that of the 75,000 synthetic substances available today, a large amount of them have not been properly tested to determine their safety?  It’s easy to forget these things when we can’t taste or see these pesticides, but it matters, plain and simple.
  5. Organic food is grown in good soil, which we all need so desperately.   Did you know that the human body needs over 60 different vitamins and minerals?  These nutrients come from the foods we eat, which ultimately comes from the soil it’s grown in.  Lush, hearty, nourishing soil is SO important on many levels, for us and for our planet.  Here in HK, food can only be certified organic if it’s been grown organically for 7 consecutive years.  This means the soil is being replenished and restored through the organic methods of farming, passing all of this good matter onto the food we’re eating.  Hooray for fabulous soil!
  6. Eating seasonally ensures your body is getting a variety of nutrients.  People who eat the same food all of the time are only supplying their body with those specific nutrients over and over again.  But if we eat with the seasons, our diets are continuously changing, giving our body the chance to obtain more of what it needs.
  7. Buying local, organic food supports the right people and companies.  If we buy from local farmers who are farming the “right” way, we’re helping to create demand for these nourishing, clean, whole products, and supporting the people who are doing something good and positive for this world.  And maybe one day, those big business agricultural companies like Monsanto, who are into genetically modifying our food and trying to monopolize global seed distribution (my opinion anyways) will be put out of business and remain only a very distant memory.
  8. Eating local + seasonal + organic food makes your body and mind feel GOOD.  Our optimal physical and mental potential can only be reached by including healthy, whole, loved-up food in our diets and health plans.  How can this amazing creation of a human mind and body be sustained, maintained and supported to thrive by living off of foods with toxic pesticides that have been genetically engineered in a laboratory?  It just doesn’t make any sense to me!  And I really hope it doesn’t make any sense to you!
  9. Eating with wisdom and awareness can help fight the war on disease and be the best preventative care around.  I believe food is the best medicine.  “Pay the organic farmer now or pay the doctor later”.  As we watch the world evolve into a genetically-modifying, pesticide-using kind of place, we also see disease, obesity and mental disturbances soar.  Why does everyone know someone fighting cancer?  Why is obesity commonplace and normal?  Why are random acts of violence on the news more and more these days?  Pure, healthy food can help us conquer diseases of the body and mind WITHOUT.ANY.DOUBT.
  10. Eating locally, seasonally and organically gives us back some control over our health, empowers us with an acute awareness of what’s going into our bodies and reminds us that we are rightfully responsible to take care of this beautiful temple God has given us.

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*** For a list of local Hong Kong organic farmer’s markets, please click here.  In addition to these, there is one in Sai Kung at the Lion’s Nature Reserve on Sunday’s from 9.30-11.30.