My Story

of digestive distress

Unfortunately, I grew up during the days of microwaves and boxed macaroni, processed foods and low-fat everything, white bread and sugary drinks. I guess we just didn’t know any better. And by the time I hit 20 I began to show signs of intense digestive problems, full of pain and discomfort. During my sophmore year in college, I awoke in the middle of one night with the most intense cramping I had ever experienced, which led me to the emergency room. Of course the doctors had no answers, and after an hour or two of fluids, sent me on my way. I continued to struggle to digest anything properly for weeks after this experience, and in the following years, would find myself having digestion issues continuously coming and going. When I was 26 I had my first surgery to try and repair the damage, and heartbreakingly, six months later my problems returned. It was at this time when I turned to my diet, hoping that I would find something that would heal my body. I started doing the vegetarian, no dairy thing for awhile, which morphed into the raw diet. I tried the master cleanse, water fasting, green smoothies. No dice.

At the age of 31, I moved to Hong Kong, and with my new surroundings came a new and very unhealthy diet. Because I struggled to find the foods I wanted, I caved and began to eat what was convenient and easy, that being lots of white bread from the bakeries and lots of white pastas for dinners at home. Of course, my digestion issues grew worse, and by the time I had been there a year, I had endured countless episodes of digestive problems, one stomache virus and several chest infections. But I was getting married, working very long, stressful hours at a kindergarten, and trying to deal with adapting to so much change around me, so I ignored all of this the best I could.

Which brings us to November 2011, when I began to finally uncover True Wisdom regarding healthy eating and nutrition. It was the discovery of Sally Fallon’s “Nourishing Traditions” that began the waterfall of information that has continued ever since. I began to learn the truth about good animal fats / saturated fats and how truly significant they our to our bodies, how refined white flour, trans fats and processed sugars are without a doubt destroying the lives of countless people, how our minds and guts are so intricately woven together, and how we can heal our minds and bodies naturally, without the invasive surgeries I have had to endure over the years.

I became aware of the total deception and ignorance that has blanketed so much of the world regarding true health and the fire within me began to build. If my body can heal naturally from the disharmony that has coursed through it’s veins for so many years, than that means many others can as well.

I believe our bodies have a specific design, necessary of certain nutrition, and without it, the body will fail and work improperly.  There is an ultimate Wisdom regarding physical health and I believe I’m beginning to uncover it. My suffering will not be in vain … people will be helped.

Though my healing is still an ongoing process, I know that I am finally on my way. Things are finally getting better and will continue to do so! God is showing me the way and I trust Him! I will keep you updated with my progress HERE!

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  1. Lisa, this blog is a rare beacon among the cacophony of misinformation and inconsistent resolutions on nutrition. I’m 23, and have developed the same digestive symptoms… For whatever reason, sophomore year of college also began my problems. In an fashion amazingly similar to yours, I woke up in the middle of the night with intense cramping that lasted off and on for three weeks. It came back again a year or so later. In the years since, I had noticed a very touchy sensitivity, resulting in major regret after some meals, with no obvious correlation or causation. I first got help after watching some informative TED talks (a collaborative institution in which progressive individuals prepare and deliver fantastic presentations) regarding nutrition and health. My condition has been manageable since (if I’m careful) but your blog is a great summary of lessons learned and the surprising – albeit dolorous – facts about what is in modern food and what it’s doing to us. I really hope this reaches more people!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words. And very interesting how our stories are so similar. You’re lucky in that you’re getting educated much earlier than I did and can hopefully heal your body before any more damage is done. But I also feel so grateful that I’m learning these things at 35 and not much older, or dead for that matter. It’s been a lot of trial and error, and of course I’m still learning, but I think the main problem for me has been grains and processed/fake/dead foods. Just cutting those 2 things out has changed my life … and SO much easier than surgery!

      Please come back and share your progress. This is what really makes me so happy: to hear of people healing. Actually, that gives me an idea to have a testimonial page. Hmmmm … Thanks again!

  2. Lisa, I am so inspired by your story and all that you’re doing. We’ve implemented a few differences and are already reaping the benefits. Thank you for sharing all this information, it is SO helpful. 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I suffered from eczema.he condition of my illness is more serious than past.I just realized that the healing of my disease is changing my eating habit.I totally agreed with your idea.As I am Hong Kong people,I eat a lot of junk food in the past.That ‘s the reason why my eczema become more serious.Although I have not recovered,I ‘ve changed to eat more organic,more natural food.I have found many benefits of Kefir but I can’t found anyone one have and would like to share with others.I have start to take probiotics but I think Kefir is more natural and better.Would you like to share some of Kefir to me?Thx a lot.


    • Hi Cherry,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any kefir grains at the moment, but when/if I start growing them again I will let you know! For eczema I would recommend no sugar at all, no refined breads or processed foods and no fruit except for berries (because they are lowest in sugar).

      The best of luck for you on your healing journey!

  4. Wow, I was just diagnosed with diverticulits, and at the young age of 47..I was told this was a lifetime of cycleing in and out of flares until surgery would be required. I am consuming everything on this blog. Thanks for the effprts

    • Oh my goodness June, I’m so glad you found me and this blog! There is so much hope for you and this condition, without surgery! My advice … go out today and buy the GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome) book and the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) book and start reading. These books will offer so much help. If I were you I would stop eating processed foods/sugar/grains immediately and introduce healing broths and all organic food. Hopefully you’ll find more helpful info on this blog but if you have any questions please let me know! I believe in your total healing!

  5. Great website! Any suggestions where I can find live kefir grains in HK? My sister just wrote me about them and I want to give it a try. I’ve been making yogurt with powdered milk (both cow & goat) for decades, but never tried kefir.

    So far I’ve looked thru over 2 dozens entries to the Google search for “kefir grains in hong kong” and found nothing available.

    • Hi GW! I used to have kefir grains, but because I was traveling a lot, I fell out of the habit of making it. The only suggestion I can give you is to look for a group called “Healthy Living in HK” on Facebook. It’s a private group so you will first have to ask to join. I’m sure there will be someone of that group that can help you.


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