Table Salt vs Sea Salt

sea salt 3We desire salt for a reason.  We were meant to consume it!  All of this talk of salt (mainly the sodium that’s in it) being unhealthy for us is nonsense.  And I’m so happy to finally know this!  The taste of salt is just too good.

Unfortunately, sea salt (or mineral salts), the kind of salt we should be consuming on a daily basis, has gotten a bad rap from table salt’s dark shadow. These are two completely different substances.  One is harmful.  And one is extremely helpful.


  • Provides our body with 2 important minerals: sodium and chloride.  The body is unable to produce these minerals on its own.
  • Provides over 82 trace minerals which our body NEEDS to work optimally.  Sodium functions best in combination with other minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.  This is what nature intended.


  • Controls the amount of fluid in the body.
  • Helps to maintain balance between acid + alkaline levels (pH balance).  Did you know is it the most alkaline-forming substance known to man?  Wow, now that’s a statement.
  • Creates electrolytes, which are essential for proper body function.
  • Supports proper adrenal function.
  • Helps to regulate sleep.
  • Helps support the nervous system.
  • Relieves allergies and skin diseases.
  • Prevents muscle cramps.
  • It is a whole food!  Natural.  Unprocessed.


  • Is chemically made of 2 minerals, sodium and chloride.
  • Contains NO trace minerals, creating an unnatural food that is out of balance with what our body needs.
  • Often times, iodine is added to table salt, which can create a toxic level of iodine in our bodies and potentially harm the thyroid.
  • Toxic additives are included to prevent the salt from caking.
  • Refined.  Processed.  Bleached.  Unnatural.


  • 1 – 1.5 teaspoons per day.
  • True sea salt with be a pale grey color and slightly moist.


  1. Healing Naturally by Bee Wilder
  2. Weston Price Foundation

sea salt 1

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