Making What? Making Whey! (and some cream cheese too)

If you’re going to be making/eating traditional foods, somewhere along the way, you’re going to have to know how to make whey, the liquid remaining after milk or yogurt is strained.  It’s not only easy to make but is very helpful in making your foods more beneficial to that body of yours!  Specifically I’ve used it as a starter culture to ferment veggies as well as to soak grains, such as oats and rice, which helps make them more digestible.

So why whey?

  • Called the “healing water” by ancient Greeks
  • Filled with nourishing probiotic life
  • Has many minerals, particularly potassium
  • Aids in digestion * Drink 1 Tbsp with some water for upset stomach or bowels
  • Good source of protein
  • Muscle builder
  • Lactose free

So here’s what I do:

#1  Gather together full-fat, good quality yogurt, some sort of container and some cheese cloth

#2 Secure cheese cloth around container with rubber band

#3 Pour in the yogurt

#4  Watch it drip, if you’re really bored

#5 Check ‘er in the morning.

#6 When the dripping stops, you’ve got yourself some tasty cream cheese (will last at least a couple of weeks) and some potent whey (will last 6 months, refrigerated)

Resources: Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon; Waste Whey, No Way by Elena

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