Products I Love: “Coconut Secret” Product Line

Well here we go again with coconut, but I’m serious, this product line is just too cool not to talk about it.  Basically, Coconut Secret has created several low glycemic (does not spike insulin), gluten-free products such as:

* Please click on each product above for a very detailed and in-depth look at why they’re oh-so-cool.

For me, these products are a dream come true.

The story:  After their parents both became diabetic, two siblings came together in search of a healthy, tasty alternative to sugar.  After using agave nectar for awhile and later becoming very disenchanted with it, their searching lead them to coconut sap.  Did you ever know such thing existed???  Not me!

So let’s first understand how this miracle sap is obtained in the first place:

Coconut “sap” is collected from coconut blossoms.  There are specific species of coconut trees that can be “tapped” (much like maple trees are tapped in the maple syrup making process).  Bamboo containers are used to collect the sap of the coconut trees right at the blossoms.  When the coconut trees are tapped, they produce a continuously flowing “inflorescence” (juice or sap) that exudes from the coconut blossoms.  The end result is a syrup-like product known as coconut “toddy”, which can then further be evaporated into crystal form to produce coconut sugar, if so desired.

And for a much more detailed explanation on this tapping process, click HERE.


  • This naturally sweet sap is very low glycemic (GI of 35)
  • Raw and enzymatically alive
  • Abundant source of 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, and broad-spectrum B vitamins
  • Has a nearly neutral pH

So far, I’ve used the coconut aminos as a soy sauce substitute with my sushi, the coconut flour for some baking and the coconut nectar to mix in with my full-fat yogurt.  MMM, MMM, MMM.

And the cherry on top is that I can get most of these products just down the hill in Sai Kung town center.  It’s in The Organic Shop down along the waterfront, in case you’re interested and a fellow Sai Kunger.

You can also purchase these products online through

Please let me know if you try it and if you like it as much as me!!!!

xoxo ~ Lisa

8 responses

  1. Lisa, can you use coconut flour in place of the white/brown flour we use for baking, etc.?
    I have begun using the coconut oil as a substitute for vegetable oil when baking things and it gives the finished product a wonderful, subtle coconut taste. (I think you and Jono tasted it in the pumpkin bread I made while you were here.) Anyway, was just wondering about the coconut flour. Thanks.

    • You can definitely use it as a substitute, but I’m not sure what the ratios are with the measurements. The only recipes I’ve used with it, have actually called for coconut flour so I haven’t had to do any converting. If you experiment, let me know what happens!

    • And yes! Definitely use coconut oil for all your baking, frying, etc. It’s the one oil that doesn’t go rancid when heated. Check out the fat chart I just posted for more info. Yay, we’re learning!

  2. I just checked out the website for “Coconut Secret” and it appears they don’t ship products. I sure hope I can find a store near us in Kentucky that carries them!!

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