I Am No Longer A Raw Milk Virgin!

I drank raw milk today!  Woo-hoo!

We stopped by the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market this morning with one thought in mind … hunt down the beautiful dairy people who make beautiful milk and cheese the old-fashioned way: raw.  That means no pasteurization and no homogenization.  So cream on the top and total goodness all the way through.

It was a blazing hot gorgeous day here in San Diego and the vibe at the market was perfect.  A one-man band playing on the street, lush, fresh, local, organic fruits and veggies proudly on display, grass-fed meats flaming on the grillers and happy people looking for some happy food.  Such a good day to fall off the milk wagon.

After rounding a few corners, and sampling a few treats, there … in the distance … stood Claravale Farm!  The holy land!  We sampled, we chatted, we bought, and we devoured a nice cold liter of raw whole milk.




Good.  Creamy.  Wholesome.  Satisfying.

Better than any milk I’ve ever drank.

I hope one day, it’s easier for us to make our own choices regarding the food we put into our bodies.  We should be able to make these choices freely, without government control or being influenced by popular fears.

A girl can dream …

3 responses

  1. Sounds wonderful Lisa..i remember milk like that delivered in big metal Churns to our home in Port Elizabeth in 1970…. we used to spoon the cream off the top for deserts then drink the milk, all 6 kids and Mom and Dad. We are a very healthy bunch..with strong bones! I cannot think of any one ever breaking a bone.. My sister broke her leg before my parents immigrated from the UK to ‘Rhodesia’… Favor and blessings on your travels XX

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