The Heart & Soul of Healing: You’ve Got to Believe

One of my girlfriends and I were chatting away last night about health, and though we hold some very different ideas on what good nutrition actually is, we realized, we do agree on one very important thing.  Belief.  You’ve got to believe in what you’re doing.  You’ve got to believe in the philosophies you’re following, the food you’re eating, the prayers you’re praying, the supplements you’re taking.  Believing is the anchor to healing.

Since embarking on this healing journey of mine, I’ve realized quite quickly that my revelations and understandings on health won’t be shared by everyone.  People don’t want to be convinced, and most certainly won’t be forced, into adopting my beliefs and viewpoints, no matter how excited I am about it or how much positive change I can show them I’ve experienced.  Change must come from the inside, with someone’s own will and belief leading the way.

So here at The Healing Project, what do I believe?

  • I believe we are holistic beings: body, soul, spirit.
  • I believe, because we are holistic beings, we need holistic healing: nutritional/diet healing, emotional/inner healing, spiritual/prayer healing.  Sometimes we find one works, and sometimes we need a combination of all three.
  • I believe sometimes healing is a process, and it takes time.
  • I believe sometimes healing is a mystery and we won’t always understand it or have answers to explain it.
  • I believe I have SO much more to learn.
  • Everything I believe, I do so because of my own experiences.  We are experiential beings.


  • I believe what we eat matters.
  • I believe in whole foods: unprocessed and Natural
  • I believe our bodies were designed to run optimally under certain dietary conditions.
  • I believe many thousands of people have found healing through diet change, and the proof is in their testimony, mine included.
  • I believe many people are sick, tired, depressed, infertile, unmotivated, overweight and most importantly, are dying an early death, because of what they’re putting into their bodies ~ food, drink, pills, etc.
  • I believe many people are being deceived by what good nutrition actually is.

Emotional Healing

  • I believe many physical diseases are rooted in our emotions and thoughts, in our hearts and minds, and true healing will only come once these issues are addressed.
  • I believe in forgiveness.  It is a very powerful key to freedom.
  • I believe in “holding all our thoughts captive”, that is, being mindful of what we’re thinking.  Our thoughts matter.
  • I believe we need to honor ourselves by acknowledging and working through the wounds we may have picked up over the years.
  • I believe that sometimes the process of inner healing is more powerful and beneficial then an instant/miraculous healing.  We learn more and are more equipped to help others.

Spiritual Healing

  • I believe in the power of prayer.
  • I believe sometimes physical healing comes miraculously and instantaneously.  There are many documented testimonies to prove this as well.

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