My Love Affair With Honey (and you too, New Zealand)

Oh my sweet,


unpasteurized honey,

let me count the ways I love you so …

  • you smell DiViNe
  • you make tea drinking SO much more fun
  • you love my insides with all your goodness
  • you caramelize so perfectly on my fried bananas
  • you look pretty
  • I can actually find you, in your raw and untouched state, here in Hong Kong

And New Zealand, I love you too.  With all the glorious food you export here, my time in the big HK is even more fabulous.  Muchas Gracias.  I owe you big time.

2 responses

  1. Wish I could add a picture of Jeff’s excellent raw honey, too. As you know, he and Darrell take and make it right from their own beehives…nothing added. I agree with you…it’s fantabulous! 🙂

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