Boundaries : A book that could change your life

There’s nothing I can say here that will be better than what’s in this book, so I’ll just get to the point.

Do you have trouble with healthy boundaries?

Do you feel guilty when you say no?

Is your answer always yes, even when it’s not the best thing for you and your family?

You NEED to read this book.

It will be SO helpful.

CLICK on the book for more details.

The End.

2 responses

  1. In my opinion you are doing so well with this project Lisa. Well done.
    And that reminds me – I need to read “Boundaries” again. Thanks for the encouragement. Trisch

    • Thanks Trisch! I’m not quite done with it yet, so I haven’t shared it with too many people, but I’m on my way. BTW, the new website address is xoxo

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