Saturated Fats : The Key to Good Health

I’ve been eating a diet high in saturated fats for a few months now (butter, coconut oil, animal fats, etc), while simultaneously cutting out grains of all kinds as well as trans fats, and I must tell you … something really good is going on inside my body.  I always believed it when I heard that I needed a diet low in fat and high in fiber, specifically whole grains and things like flax and psyllium husk to keep the digestion moving.  Well folks, it’s a bunch of rubbish.  I can’t tell you how important it is to start getting good fat into your body.  It’s detrimental to your health!  Here’s what I’ve seen in my own body:

No more belly fat

No more bloatedness

No more cramping

No more cold sores

Less anxiety

Better bowel movements

Consistent energy

and the list goes on …

Here’s a handy little chart to show you just how good all that “good” fat can be!


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